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Our Services and Rates

Dog Walking

30 Minute Pack Walks or Individual Dog Walks

We specialize in offering pack walks to get your dogs movin' and shakin' and socializing!!! Whether you are away at work, or working from home during the day, we can provide scheduled exercise for your pups.

Our goal is to get your pups into a pack of their very own whenever it is possible! For dogs who are less well suited to walk with a bigger pack, we can also offer offer solo walks or walks with a buddy when we can!

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Additional fees


​$22.00 per 30-minute dog walk


Our rates are the same for solo visits or pack walks. No additional charges for pack walks if dogs spend more than 30-minutes with us!​​​


*Please note that pack walk availability is currently limited, but if you would like to discuss your dog(s) walking with other dogs, please let us know! If they are well-suited, we may at least be able to pair them up with a buddy when we can if pack walk spots are not open*​​

10am - 5pm

Add-Ons for All Dog Walks, Cat Care, and Drop-in Pet Services

  • Additional dog per family: +$5.00 each

  • Weekends: + $6.00/visit (Sat/Sun)

  • Requests with less than 48 hours notice: + $6.00/visit

  • Off Peak Hours: + $7.00/visit (visits between 8-10AM and 5-7PM)

  • Holidays: + $7.00/visit

  • Time-sensitive medications (with shorter window for arrival time): + $7.00/visit


On-Peak Walk/Visit Times

Studies show 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week keeps your dog in shape. 52.7% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese.*        *Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

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Express Visits

10-15 minute visits may be offered on a case-by-case basis. Generally, these visits are for short walks/potty breaks for senior pets who have aged out of pack walks, for puppies in training, or for dogs not well-suited to a pack.


Express visits can also be substituted temporarily for dogs with an injury or illness, or other special circumstances where their regular 30-minute walk is not a good fit.

Express Visits are limited to one dog at a time per booking. If you have more than one dog per household who is in need of care, please CONTACT US to discuss options to best suit your needs.

$15 per visit (additional fees may apply per booking - weekend, holiday, off peak hours, late requests)

Medications can be added to this visit for dogs who may have an injury or illness. Time-sensitive medications where less than a 2-hour window is needed +$7.00 per visit.

Express Visit

45-Minute Drop-in Visits
(Required For Visits Booked After 4PM & Visits with Dog Feeding/Walking/Medications/etc)

Need breakfast or dinner drop-ins with a dog walk or playtime? Medications needed in a timely matter? Multi-pet households with dogs, cats, and other small animals...OH MY!!


Well, you've come to the right place, because we've got you covered! We can provide visits to your home to take care of any of your pets, at any time during the daytime and evening hours.

Drop-Ins are REQUIRED for any visits booked after 4PM, and for visits that may need some combination of a dog walk/feeding/medications. You may also request small animal care or light house care as needed when you are traveling out of town (mail, trash, plants, etc.). This additional required booking time, beyond the standard 30-minute appointment allows us to provide more companionship for your pets, as well as ensuring ample time for completing any tasks needed.



Additional Fees applicable (please see above).

3 or more additional small animals* that require care (cats, fish, birds, reptiles, pet rodents) may require additional care time to be booked:

+$11 (for 1 hour visit) - if we have availability, you may also opt to add an additional 15 minutes for a one hour total visit, regardless of number of pets

*Additional fees may apply to caged small animals where cleaning or reptile feeding is necessary - please CONTACT US if needed

Cat Care



10-15 minute visit (non-social kitties - up to 3 cats, with litter, feeding, mail/paper, lights, trash/recycle, medication if applicable) 


16-30 minute visit (more social kitties - up to 3 cats, with litter, feeding, mail/paper, lights, trash/recycle, plants, playtime, medication if applicable)


31-45 minute visit (required for visits booked after 4PM - more than 3 cats, or other small animal care*, litter, feeding, mail/paper, lights, trash/recycle, plants, playtime, medication if applicable)

Additional Fees applicable (please see above).

*Additional fees may apply to caged small animals where cleaning or reptile feeding is necessary - please CONTACT US if needed





$15/additional dog per family

$20/day flat rate on designated holiday dates

Complimentary pickup/drop off within our service areas

General Requirements:
Dogs should be house broken, over the age of 1 year, crate trained, and get along well with other dogs. Dogs should not have any issues with resource guarding food/treats/toys, etc.

Pick-ups are completed between 3 & 4PM. Drop offs occur no later than 7PM. Clients are generally not permitted to pick up or drop off their pets, due to potential scheduling conflicts.

Please contact us for further details in order to arrange your dog's boarding itinerary!


Additional Services

Additional Services

90-Minute Adventure/Hikes

Plan to be gone for a long day? Need some time to yourself over the weekend? We can help you plan an outing for your pup!


Currently offered on weekends only. Hours vary, but typically are scheduled during the mid-morning or mid-day hours.

(On a case by case basis, we may also be able to provide this service during the week at various hours - it never hurts to ask! However, we cannot guarantee availability, and we cannot guarantee this service on a regular, recurring schedule.)

$66, plus $10/additional dog per family

Shampooch Doggie Bath

  • $30/dog under 40 lbs

  • $45/dog over 40 lbs

  • +$10 for thick coat and/or over 100 Lbs

  • Wash, brush, towel dry.

  • Nail clipping and/or ear cleaning - $10

  • Availability varies, please CONTACT US if needed

Chauffer For Your Pets

  • $20 fee for each Drop-off and Pick-up (vet, groomer, drop-off to "grand-pawrent's" house for the weekend, etc. - any trip where someone is not required to stay with your pet)

    • Up to 7 miles per trip

    • Additional miles​ charged $1/mile

    • Additional charges may be assessed for pick-ups and drop-offs outside of our usual service area

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  • $44 fee for Vet appointment/Hospital visit where we are required to stay with your pet (may be a planned appointment we are helping with, or unexpected emergency visit)

    • Up to one hour​, 15 miles round trip

    • Additional miles charged $1/mile

    • Additional time charged $22/half hour

    • Can also include medication pick-up from pharmacy

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