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30 Minute Pack Walks or Visits To Your Home

We specialize in offering pack walks to get your dog movin' and shakin' and socializing!!! Whether you are away at work, or even still home during the day, we can provide scheduled exercise for your pups. 


Need breakfast or dinner drop-ins with a walk or playtime? We've got you covered! We can provide visits to your home to take care of any of your pets, at any time, even while you are out of town for a few days.


  • Committing to a regular M-F Pack Walk schedule? We've got a Monthly Membership Package to fit your weekday needs! Base rates are as follows:

    • 5+ walks/week: $17.00 each

    • 4 walks/week: $18.00 each

    • 3 walks/week: $19.00 each

    • 1 or 2 walks/week: $20.00 each


  • Booking only as needed?

    • $23 base rate for dog walks/drop-in visits

    • Pre-purchase package of 10 walks at 10% off​

      • Must be booked 3+ days prior to your service date to use discount


  • Cats Only Drop-Ins: $15.00 flat fee



9am - 5pm

Monday - Friday


  • Additional dog per family: +$5.00 each


  • After Hours: + $5.00/visit (outside of    9am-5pm)


  • Weekends: + $5.00/visit (Sat/Sun)


  • Holidays: + $5.00/visit


  • FREE Small Pet care as needed

Regular Walk/Visit Times

While we can accommodate solo walks and drop-in visits, please note that availability of 30-minute solo time slots during our peak midday hours (10am-2pm, M-F) may be limited, and/or may need to be more flexible on time. *We will discuss options if this situation were to apply to your pet.

Studies show 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week keeps your dog in shape. 52.7% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese.*

*Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

2-Hour Weekend Outing!

Plan to be gone for a long day? Need some time to yourself over the weekend? We can help you plan an outing for your pup!


Outings are at least 2 hours in length, and are currently offered on weekends only. Hours vary, but typically are scheduled during the mid-morning or mid-day hours.


(On a case by case basis, we may be able to provide this service during the week at various hours - it never hurts to ask! However, we cannot guarantee availability, and we cannot guarantee this service on a regular, recurring schedule.)



$10/additional dog

Express Visits

10-15 minute visits may be offered on a case-by-case basis. Generally, these visits are for senior pets and pets who have aged out of pack walks, for puppies in training, or for dogs not well-suited to a pack.


Express visits can also be substituted temporarily for dogs with an injury or illness, or other special circumstance where their regular 30-minute walk is not an option.


$12 per visit (additional fees may apply)


Overnight Pet Sitting

We offer both sitters to stay in your home or boarding at a sitter's home.  Boarding may be available on a limited, case by case basis.


Overnights are booked per 24 hours. Your sitter will follow your pet's schedule as it is laid out by you, as far as feeding instructions and times, potty breaks, walks, medications, etc.


We strive to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible while you are away, and provide them with companionship and affection!



If you prefer not to have someone to stay in your home, you may also schedule multiple visits each day while you are away- considered a "drop-in" and booked at your associated dog walk/visit rate. 


Please note additional fees may apply per visit (i.e. weekend, after hours, holidays, etc.), and dogs will require 3 visits minimum (except first and last days, or unless you have someone else staying with or dropping in on your pets in conjunction with our service).


May not be recommended for stays longer than 4 nights/5 day. We may require a sitter to stay in your home for longer stays, for the safety and well-being of your pets.

  • Sits in Your home: $75.00/night

    • Additional Dogs: + $15.00/dog per night​

    • Puppies under 9 months: + $15.00/night

    • Additional small animals: FREE


  • Cats Only Overnight Sit: $60.00/night

    • Additional small animals: FREE​


  • COMPLIMENTARY: Light Main Floor Vacuum, mail/paper collection, trash/recycle, plant watering, etc.


  • Holidays: + $15.00/night


  • Boarding at a Sitter's Home: $75.00/night

    • Additional Dogs: + $15.00/dog per night


  • COMPLIMENTARY: Pick up and Drop off


  • Holidays: + $15.00/night


  • Pet Sitting "drop-ins" can include mail/paper collection, trash/recycle, alternating lights, watering plants, etc.

  • Complimentary kitty litter sweep, and/or light vacuum with 3+ visits/day over consecutive days

  • Contact for pricing quote




Additional Services

  • $30/dog under 40 lbs

  • $45/dog over 40 lbs


  • +$10 for thick coat and/or over 100 Lbs​


  • Wash, brush, towel dry.

  • Nail clipping and/or ear cleaning - $10

  • $20 fee (plus cost of goods purchased)​


  • We make weekly runs to the pet store, and deliver everything you need!​

Shampooch Doggie Bath

Pet Errands

Chauffer For Your Pets

  • $25 fee for Drop-off and Pick-up (Vet, groomer trips, etc. where someone is not required to stay with your pet)

    • Up to 15 miles round trip

    • Additional miles​ charged $1/mile​

  • $40 fee for Vet appointment/Hospital visit

    • Up to one hour​, 15 miles round trip

    • Additional miles charged $1/mile

    • Additional time charged $15/half hour

    • Can also include medication pick-up from pharmacy

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


While we care for your pets 24/7, Office Hours are limited for answering emails, returning non-immediate or non-emergency phone calls. Please get in touch with your sitter or contact our emergency line if you need immediate assistance at 443-807-3742.

Contact Petunia Pet Care, LLC:
Office: 410-668-1461


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