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  • Why Do You Charge for Meet and Greets?

In addition to getting to know each other and your pets, it is important that we make sure to cover all of the essentials of your pet's care in a clear and concise manner. Charging for timeliness helps keep all of us on track and focused on your most important needs - your pets, your home, and the care you expect.


Payment is due by check, cash, or Venmo at the end of the initial Meet and Greet. And when you book your first service, we will apply a $10 credit to your first invoice. Complimentary Meet and Greets can be provided as needed once you are onboard as a Petunia client. Therefore, if you need a chance to meet with a sitter who is new to you and your pets, you will not have to pay for that service, and we allot up to 30-minutes for a follow-up meeting.​

  • Do You Utilize Employees or Contractors?

Our staff consists of full-time, part-time, and as needed Employees. Having employees means that we can provide staff with training in order to provide you with the consistency and quality control for the care that you should expect from us.

Our walkers and sitters go through an extensive interview process, background checks, and hands-on training. They are also provided with additional tools and training materials in order to provide for safe walks and ongoing education, in addition to having the backing of a team to help when support is needed.

  • Do You Carry Insurance and Bonding Policies?

Yes. In order to protect your pets and personal property, we are bonded and insured.​​​​

  • Does My Dog Have To Participate In Pack Walks?

Absolutely not! Our pack walks are offered as a social service with the added bonus that your dog may get additional time outside of the house without any additional charges to you. We can provide individualized attention for dogs who are not well-suited to pack walks, like senior pets, puppies in training, and dogs who may not get along well with others.

  • Do You Offer Discounts?

We may offer special pricing in certain circumstances, but we do not discount any of our rates. Our rates are competitive and fair, and we offer the best price that we can for each service that we provide.

  • How Much Notice Do You Need When Booking Appointments?

Of course, as much notice as possible is always a good thing! There is no such thing as too much notice!

We understand that things do come up last minute, and we always do our best to help where we can. However, any advanced notice gives us an opportunity to make sure we can reasonably accommodate your request, and discuss any possible modifications we may need as far as timing is concerned.

Sitter Benefits
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