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NEW CLIENTS! We're excited to hear from you!

Please keep in mind, we require a MEET AND GREET before starting service.
Meet and Greets are generally only available Monday through Friday, with limited weekend availability.

Meet and Greets RATES:
up to 30-mins - $20

up to 45-mins - $25
up to 1-ho
ur - $30
*NEW CLIENTS will receive a $10 credit to your first booked and invoiced service*
*Payment is due at completion
of the meeting*
*You may request a complimentary preliminary phone call prior to the Meet and Greet to get a few ques
tions out of the way ahead of time!*
up Meet and Greets can be provided as needed for current clients, without credit on subsequent booked services*

 Prior to the Meet and Greet, we will email you a pet profile form to complete. Once received, we can schedule a time to meet. 

During the Meet and Greet, we will review all expectations, care/services, and address any questions or concerns.

If you choose to move forward, we will need to arrange home access (TWO KEYS are required if you are providing keys). You may choose to provide these at the Meet and Greet, or we charge $10 for later key pickup.

After going over some paperwork and Service Agreements that require signatures from you, we will confirm a start date for your services!

Please be advised, part of our payment policy does require payments on or before services begin, and we do not make exceptions to this policy.

Looking forward to meeting you and your pets! We hope to welcome you to our Petunia Pet Care family very soon! <3


Success! Message received. Please allow 24 hours for us to provide you with a thoughtful response. If you are sending your message between Friday and Sunday, we will return your message by Monday :)

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