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Meet The Team!

Erin H.,
Founder, Pet Care Professional & "Boss Lady"

Erin's first love has always been animals. Her late father is a huge inspiration for why she chose the pet care industry, as she gets her passion and love for animals from her father's example. As a former craft cocktail bartender in the fine dining industry, taking the leap to the pet care profession has allowed her to apply the love she had for providing exceptional experiences and exceeding the expectations of her guests to a different industry, and now for both people and pets!


Erin grew up with a total of 8 Basset Hounds, raised an American Bulldog puppy, cared for her rescue dog, Skippy, with her mom into his senior years of 16 1/2, and in 2018 fostered and ultimately adopted a pair of loving sisters, a German Shepherd, Rae (who sadly passed away after a long fight in 2022), and a Pomapoo, Finn, who is just as sassy as ever!


She has been inspired by dogs of many different breeds, personalities, ages, and sizes, allowing her to easily adapt to pets with many different needs. She now resides in Baltimore County with her husband, Dave, who generally also becomes BFFs with many of our client's pets when they board at her home!!

Erin holds certifications in Pet CPR/First Aid and Pet Nutrition, has taken a master class in Dog Socialization and Obedience, and is a "NAPPS Certified" member of the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters. 


Molly S.,
Pet Caretaker

As a pet care professional of nearly twenty years, Molly is prepared to handle just about anything your pets can throw her way. In fact, nurturing (and cleaning up after!) your beloved critters is a welcome and natural shift from doing the same at home for her husband and six kids. Indeed, if Molly is not outside walking a client's dog, she can likely be spotted walking a child to the bus stop or playground!


Molly takes tremendous pride in her career as a dog walker and pet sitter. She respects and honors the place pets hold in our hearts and households. She thanks you dearly for entrusting your non-human family to her care-- and for letting her borrow some cuddles!  

Stephanie A.,
Pet Caretaker

Stephanie is a digital marketing specialist for small businesses, and the owner of Opal & Sage Consulting. A Staten Island native, she currently resides in a suburb of Baltimore with her husband. Stephanie grew up with a terrier mix, named Joey, and later a bulldog mix named Lily, through whom she learned lessons about compassion and what it means to truly care for others. In recent years, Steph cared for her husband's childhood cat Izzy, who taught her about the profound positive impact that animals have on your mental health. Izzy passed in 2022 after health issues in his old age, and she misses him dearly!

She strongly believes in approaching each animal with love, compassion & understanding. She loves dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, and appreciates their unique personalities, and feels a great responsibility to all pets that she cares for!

In 2015, she graduated from Towson University with a degree in Art History, and in 2019 received her Master's Degree in Emerging Media from Loyola University.

Steph is a huge supporter of local animal shelters, farm sanctuaries, & wildlife rescue rehab groups! When she is not working with clients, she serves as board member and social media assistant for Reed's Rescue - a non-profit dedicated to homeless senior & hospice dogs in MD. She is a geeky creative that loves playing video games, knitting, and listening to her eclectic collection of music. Stephanie hopes to adopt another a cat and/or dog in the near future!

Steph and Izzy.jpg

Debby H.,

Pet Caretaker & "Mama Bear"

Born and raised in Maryland, Debby loved and cared for family pets growing up, such as dogs, cats, birds, and horses. As an adult, she and her family have had numerous dogs, all of which were rescued, the most recent being her beloved companion for 16 years.


Debby attended the University of MD, where she obtained a degree in nursing, followed by graduate school in Boston, and has her doctorate in Nursing Practice! She worked for many years as a nurse with critical-care and cardiac patients, and also currently works with terminally ill patients in their homes.


After more than 40 years of experience in healthcare, she has seen the impact of pets on not only maintaining health and quality of life, but in actually improving illness. She is grateful for the opportunity to support pet owners by providing quality care to their pets!


Aviya E.,
Pet Caretaker

Aviya, a passionate pet enthusiast, made her way from Montgomery County to the Towson area in pursuit of academic aspirations. Currently, in her final year at Towson University, she is dedicated to studying Mass Communications and Business Marketing.

Beyond the academic realm, Aviya embraces various hobbies. Engrossed in the worlds of literature, she finds solace in gardening, challenges herself with weight lifting, and revels in the tranquility of meditation. However, there is an integral part of her life - her feline companion.

Meet the ruler of Aviya's doman - a 4 year old Maine Coon, rescued and adopted into her heart. This cat, a cherished family member, craves attention and steals hearts with his love for fetch, outdoor activities, and cozy Netflix sessions.

As a devoted pet parent, Aviya recognizes the significance of providing pets with the care and attention they deserve. Whether it's a leisurely walk, an energetic playtime, or simply companionship, she is committed to ensuring your pets receive the love they need.

Aviya looks forward to the opportunity to befriend and care for your cherished companions!


Beth W.,
Pet Caretaker

Beth is a digital copywriter who works from home in the heart of Towson, Maryland. She came to her love of dogs later in life when she helped "co-parent" her roommate's adorable French bulldog Frank in 2016. This sweet chunky boy helped her see how smart and loving pets can be and what a delight it is to have one in your home.

In 2018, her family adopted Ember, a German Shepherd/husky/mystery mix. This pup became the new obsession for a family that had never had a family pet before! Beth's experience helping Ember through puppyhood helped her appreciate the patience and compassion needed for pets. Forming relationships and building trust between animals is so special, and getting to see each pet's personality come through is so fun!

Beth is a 2015 graduate of the University of Rochester. She loves traveling to visit friends, baking desserts, and buying used books. Beth loves getting to know each dog or cat for who they are and doing her part to be a positive part of each pet's day. 


Braelyn M.,
Pet Caretaker

Braelyn is a devoted pet enthusiast with a genuine love for animals. He is a proud pet parent to 4 adorable cats, including a charming Sphynx!

From furry to spikey, Braelyn has shared his home with various creatures, fostering a deep understanding of their individual needs and quirks! He is committed to extending that care to your beloved pets, ensuring that they receive not just attention, but a tailored experience that mirrors the affection they are accustomed to at home.

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