Cancellation Policies


Walks/Visits/Other Services Cancellation Policy:

  • Full Refund - 3+ days notice (approx 72+ hours notice)

  • 50% refund, less than 72 hours notice, up until 5PM the day before service

  • No refund - notice after 5PM the day before service

Overnight Cancellation Policy:

  • Full Refund - 21 days before the start of your booked sit

  • Cancellation made up to one week prior - receives 50% refund of the first 7 nights/8 days of service, with 100% refund of any remaining days.

  • Cancellation made with less than one week's notice - no refund for the first 5 nights/6 days, 50% for additional services up to 10 nights, and 100% of anything booked beyond 10 nights.

*flexibility to the cancellation policy can be made on a case-by-case basis (i.e. weather conditions)