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dog walking
  • Petunia Pet Care offers structured pack walks to provide plenty of socialization and stimulation. Pack walks are our specialty! They can also provide the opportunity for extra time out of the house at no additional cost to you!

  • Solo visits provide individualized attention for dogs who may not be well suited to walk with others, senior pets, puppies in training, etc. We may ask that mid-day solo walks and/or non-regularly scheduled walks be a bit more flexible on time. Express Visits can be offered during our peak hours if we cannot accommodate the standard 30-minute visit.

  • If you are apprehensive about pack walks with your pups, ask the expert! We are happy to speak with you about any concerns you may have. We are here to help you and your pet gain the best experience from using our services.

  • Having a regular schedule for mid-day walks allows your pet to have a routine that will help them to alleviate any stress or anxiety they may experience from being home alone. It also gives them something to look forward to!

  • The ability to release mid-day energy will result in a calm and well-behaved dog at home.

  • There's no need to rush home or feel guilty if you get caught in traffic or have to stay late at work, knowing your pet has been taken care of and is happy and healthy at home!

Sitter Benefits
pet sitting
  • At Petunia Pet Care, we always work as a team, and we strive to provide the reassurance that you will have the support you need, should anything come up while you are away.  

  • Your pet sitters are committed to ensuring quality care and satisfaction.  We will make sure you are covered and will not have a thing to worry about while you are leaving your fur babies in our care.

  • While in your home, your pet remains in a familiar setting while we provide companionship and affection by day and night!

  • We maintain your pet's diet and exercise routine as closely as possible.

  • Our sitters have experience in quality pet care and safety knowledge, and some may also possess Pet First Aid/CPR knowledge.

  • If we are staying at your home or dropping in while you are away, we can also include complimentary house sitting duties such as mail/paper/package collection, plant watering, trash/recycling, alternating lights/blind, small animal care, etc.

  • While we always recommend having a family member, friend or neighbor as a backup for emergencies, having a pet sitter reduces imposing or relying on others. Plus, you can trust that the professional pet sitter is the expert!

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