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We all know how DAPPER your dogs are! So why not try something different - this box includes toys, treats/chews, AND a fashionable bandana (5 items)! 


Plus every purchase you make helps support shelter dogs who are looking for their furever family homes. <3


Products made in the USA are also prioritized over consumable products from China and other countries where quality cannot be guaranteed.

Get a Box, or Gift a Box here!


We feel that these are some of the best prices online for Large and Small Bully Stick Variety packs! We're always looking for a bargain. Plus many more chewies to explore that we know your pups will LOVE!


Always a great value, and Erin's dogs, Finn and Rae are never disappointed with Pawstruck! :)

Search Bully Sticks and more, for your pups here!


Are your dogs picky with food? Choose a customized fresh pet food for your pups! Human grade ingredients, minimally processed, with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

Always talk to your dog's veterinarian before changing their food, but customized fresh pet food options can be great for the health and happiness of your pets!

Try Ollie NOW - 50% off your first order!

Only Natural Pet:

Food, Treats & More!



With Erin's interest in Pet Nutrition, she's always looking for healthy food and treats to share with clients to promote overall overall wellness! Rae and Finn eat the Only Natural Pet's RawNibs Freeze-dried meal toppers (for cats & dogs) with their food daily!

What we really love about this company is their commitment to both quality ingredients, and the environment through their sustainability practices. They also offer many other health and wellness products beyond just food and treats on their site (supplements, shampoos, ear and dental care, etc.), plus other familiar brands.

Sign up for an account and subscribe to emails and they will give you 25% off of your first purchase (you just have to check your email for a PROMO code to apply to your first order). They also offer 15% on auto-delivery, and a rebate program (5-15%) that you can use quarterly towards new orders.

Another great perk is that you can find this brand in your local PetSmart stores, should you choose to shop in person instead of online!

What About The Dog?: Everything You Need to Know About My Dog's Care

(In Case I'm Not Around to Ask)


Have you ever thought about pre-planning for your pets, should unforeseen circumstances arise? Who would help care for them? How would they be cared for if you can't be there to instruct someone about what your dog needs?


This book is part journal, and part helpful tip guide that allows you to write a detailed outline about your pet(s) and their care (be that long or short term, temporary or permanent care).

Author Christine says, the purpose of the book "intends to minimize the transitional street for both dog owners and their dogs when the unexpected happens."


This book can also come in handy for your Pet Sitters, too! Pack it in with your dog's overnight bag for boarding , or leave it on the counter for your In-Home pet sitter to reference when you're traveling!

CLICK HERE to preview the book and order it on Amazon!

For an article to learn more about the book, CLICK HERE.

Paw Lifestyles

What do your dog walkers use to help with their daily walks?!


On a daily basis many of us are sporting Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch.

We also love their 6ft leash, equipped with a handle for when we want to keep our pups on a shorter leash versus a longer leash! The versatility is great!

Use the links in BOLD above to go to Amazon, or find these products and more on their website at


Reward based, family friendly dog training delivered to your door, with interactive games for your family, and e-learning with online videos to compliment your training!


These Boxes are sent monthly, and contain tools and training guides developed by professional dog trainers. These are perfect for getting the whole family involved with dog training, as the games and guides are geared towards families with children ages 5+.

They also have many other fun items in their SHOP like dog bite prevention products for kids, cookbooks for your furry friends, bandanas, party favors for your pets, safety tips, and many other resources!

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